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Water Damage Solvay: How to Inspect Your Roof

Water damage results from invading water entering your structure attacking its components by means of rotting wood and de-laminating your surfaces; it must be treated immediately by a certified water damage Syracuse company before the absorption phase advances to a more aggressive and costly one, which is why our water damage Solvay team is available 24/7 to perform the best water damage restoration services through fast, same day service. Water damage has four classes of severity that include:

  • Class One – Slow rate of evaporation in which only a small portion of a room is affected.
  • Class Two – Fast rate of evaporation where water taints an entire room, according its cushioning and carpets.
  • Class Three – Fastest rate of evaporation in which water comes from an overhead location and devastates an entire room.
  • Class Four – Specialty drying situations where an entire room from floor to ceiling is damaged by water and its low porosity materials require a specific indoor humidity level to accomplish drying.

Our water damage Solvay crew members compared statistics from 2013 to 2014 and discovered that water damage resulting from ceiling leaks and roof leaks went up by over 70 percent. Learning how to inspect your roof for damage will help you prevent a catastrophic Class Three water damage disaster from corrupting your home. Furthermore, a good roof inspection may even prevent a major fire from demolishing your home. According to the December 2014 edition of the ‘IICRC Journal’, soot buildup in chimneys and on rooftops can cause explosions:

“A distinction exists between the products of active fires and […] soot. Furnace [and chimney] soot is the product of a controlled combustion system that fails to adequately burn its fuel. Soot accumulation […] increasingly disrupts the flow of combustion air. A sudden ignition may result in a mini explosion”. (P. 12)

If you have a gas fireplace or a furnace venting out to the roof, our water damage Solvay team warns that not only are you at risk for a fire should an ignition cause pressure to travel upwards and cause soot flare to flame up on your roof; the plumbing that runs in your upper level can burst and cause severe water damage. These incidents are rare but are indeed “freak accidents” that can easily be avoided. The more common causes of Class Three water damage derive from your standard roof leaks, and preventative maintenance is key, which is why all home and business owners can avoid house floods by knowing how to inspect the roof for signs of weakness.

How to Inspect Your Roof?

Our water damage Solvay experts say that inspecting your roof can make all the difference between succumbing to house flooding and having a safe, dry home, Roof damage is a major cause of water damage, and according to research compiled by Allstate Insurance, roof damage is the number one cause of water-related home losses in New York State. Our water damage Solvay professionals concur with Allstate and say to complete the following steps in roof inspection:

  • Check the flashings. These are the metal parts that cover the edges of your roof. Water can easily leak in through damaged flashings.
  • If your roof has shingles made form asphalt, examine the gutters for shingle grains. If you see significant levels your shingles will likely need to be replaced by a professional roofer.
  • Clean out our gutters so that rainwater will be able to travel away from the home and not pool on the roof or run down the wall into your foundation.
  • If you have shake or wooden shingles inspect them for dry rot or warping and replace them if there is any such damage.
  • Check for moss growth. If any is present you likely have mold as well as some form of water damage.

When water enters your roof it causes various types of damage in stages. It generally soaks through the materials into the pads, and then continues through the boards before it enters the home and leaks through the ceiling. When our water damage Solvay crew come out to perform water extractions we start with a free inspection that almost always reveals major damage by the time a roof leak has entered the home. We work with all insurance companies, so know that when you need fast and affordable help for a roof leak, our water damage Solvay team from 911 Restoration is the best option. After we fully restore your home we will teach you what to do for a leaking roof, so call us today!

What to do for Water Damage from a Leaking Roof?

Our water damage Solvay technicians have encountered many water removal jobs that come from leaking roofs, and though different situations call for different responses, in general you should do the following if your roof has visibly started leaking:

  • Immediacy call 911 Restoration New Hampshire
  • Control the interior damage by moving furniture and possessions out of harm’s way.
  • If you can’t move large furniture pieces cover them with sheets of plastic.
  • Collect any dripping water into containers.
  • Start to dry up as much water as you can that has soaked the carpets, and if necessary pull the carpet back revealing the pads.
  • Circulate as much air through the room as possible but don’t open windows if it is raining.

Our water damage Solvay professionals have nearly four decades of experience and we have water removal and restoration down to a fine science. Furthermore, we truly love our special village and suburb of Syracuse—an ideal family friendly place to call home and one suited for working professionals in the nearby city. Founded in 1794 and initially named “Geddesburgh” by its founder whop shared the same name, this village had a large Irish population before it became a popular location for Italians where it still retains a 35 percent average Italian population today. Then in 1884 it was re-named “Solvay” after the Solvay Process Company that built a process plant that made soda ash. Solvay is home to the Frazer & jones Company, Crucible Steel, and the Iroquois China Company. With its proud industrious history being a foundational block of its progressive history, our water damage Solvay techs from 911 Restoration feel great pride in looking after the homes and businesses in our community. Whether you experience ruptured hoses that flood your basement, a burst pipe turns your kitchen into a pool, or your roof springs leaks, give us a call and we will restore your home at an affordable price while working directly with your insurance company!

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