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Water Damage Skaneateles

Water damage is described as homeowner losses that occur when invading water penetrates the porous materials of your property and possessions and causes deterioration by processes like rotting, delamination, warping and rusting that can cause harm to the structural integrity of your home, so before complete structural failure occurs call our water damage Central New York team at 911 Restoration and we’ll send out our experienced water damage Skaneateles technicians in 45 minutes or less. Water emergencies are extremely common and can escalate quickly if not addressed in a timely fashion so at 911 Restoration we strive to be the fastest and most efficient company in the industry for water damage restoration services like:

  • Toilet overflows
  • Plumbing problems
  • Washer hose bursts
  • Ceiling leak repair
  • Pipe bursts
  • Mold and mildew
  • Frozen pipes
  • Flooded basements

Our fast response to water damage combined with our 35 years of experience in restoration and mold mitigation solutions means that there is nothing we can’t handle when you call our water damage Skaneateles specialists. We have both the expertise and equipment needed to solve even the most complex issues fast so that mold or black water don’t further complicate matters. Black water is toxic and involves water that contains harmful bacteria so if you have a pipe burst behind your toilet for example call our water damage Skaneateles team right away as you could be dealing with category 2 or category 3 water. We can quickly and safely remove all categories of unwanted water:

  • Category 1 – clean water from water line sources that does not pose a substantial threat
  • Category 2 – grey water from toilet bowls with urine only containing microorganisms
  • Category 3 – black water from sewage and standing water that is extremely toxic

Even if your water damage did not result from a toilet overflow issue that doesn’t mean that black water and mold can’t still become a problem. That is because any amount of standing water can and will grow mold given the right environment. For example, damp areas of the home like a crawlspace or a basement are perfect places for mold to grow after water damage. Don’t let situations escalate this far, call our water damage Skaneateles experts today at the very first sign of a flooded basement!

How Do I Prevent Water Damage from a Flooded Basement?

Water damage can come from just about anywhere, from a pipe burst in your basement to a local lake overflowing and seeping into your crawlspace, but regardless of the source it is important to prevent as much destruction as possible by first gaining control of the water flow and our water damage Skaneateles team can help with that when you call us. If your flooded basement is from an indoor source like a water heater leak, we’ll instruct you to immediately turn off the water to your home. If one of your ceilings is leaking, we might ask that you grab a sturdy bucket to catch dripping water from overhead. While a team of water damage Skaneateles professionals race to your home, a service operator will give you additional steps to take to minimize damage like:

  • Turning off the power to your home
  • Unplugging electronics and appliances
  • Opening all doors and windows for ventilation
  • Keeping family members from the damage
  • Moving any wet furniture to a dryer location

Once our water damage Skaneateles experts arrive in 45 minutes, we’ll implement our industry-leading water removal services so that all signs of water damage, moisture and mold spores are completely gone from your home. What’s more, once we’re done we’ll then move on to helping you file your water damage claim through your insurance carrier so pick up the phone and call our water damage Skaneateles team today!

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Our water damage Skaneateles technicians are also insurance specialists and our 35 years of experience in the industry has taught us that full coverage for homeowners that live near water is important because a homeowner’s insurance policy will only cover water damage that originates from inside the home. A flooded basement in Skaneateles due to overflowing from a lake is a separate issue for instance and would require supplemental flood insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Skaneateles, New York is a beautiful town in Onondaga County that is directly adjacent to the Skaneateles Lake. Skaneateles translates to “long lake”, and many of the homes in the area are located on the shores of this lake that extends through the city. Having waterfront property is great but it also means that water damage from flooding is an ever-present concern for homeowners in Skaneateles. At 911 Restoration we understand this and can help you get exactly the right coverage for your specific area. So let us take care of your home so that it looks better than new and call our water damage Skaneateles specialists today!

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