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Water Damage Oswego

Providing the people of Oswego with water damage assistance is what gets Patrick LaPage and his teams of IICRC certified and highly trained pros with 911 Restoration Central New York excited in the morning and ready to help people out of trouble.

911 Restoration Central New York |Restoration Vapor Barrier Removal Giving people his all, and that of his water damage team as well is a huge motivator for Patrick because he truly loves the people of this area and taking care of the homes that they live in, and build their version of the American Dream from.

“I just want people to feel safe and sound in their homes when they have a water damage incident like this,” Patrick explains, “and that’s why we get to the scene within 45 minutes of the call. That way we can start taking care of not only the water damage and removal, but also the homeowner’s state of mind too.”

Extracting water from homes is just a part of the water damage job to Patrick and his staff, but taking care of people when they need help the most is what really motivates him to be at the top of his game.

Don’t give water damage an extra second to waste away in your home, as this will only cause more destruction and ultimately cost more to repair as well. Contact Patrick and his water damage Oswego crews with 911 Restoration Central New York today for all the help you and your home need!

Damage Prevention Perfection

Patrick and his water damage teams have been in the field doing water damage restoration work for so long that they have found every conceivable tip and trick there is to solving these issues, and preventing them in the first place too.

Water Damage Restoration On First Floor Bathroom“Preventing water damage can be as simple as checking the rubber and plastic hoses and fittings on appliances that have a water line connection,” Patrick explains.

People envision plastic and rubber fittings as being items that will last forever, and the least likely to fail on their appliances. But in all reality plastic degrades quite quickly when water is involved, and to prevent water damage you should check these fixtures every two to four years for wear and tear.

“People can also make sure to keep the temperature in their homes, especially their basements above the freezing point,” Patrick says. “Doing this virtually ensures that there is little chance for a pipe burst due to freezing water in the line and the water damage it can cause.”

A pipe burst can be extremely difficult to deal with during the winter, and when it does go it can cause huge amounts of water damage if not taken care of properly and quickly.

Don’t let your home be ruined by a pipe burst, contact Patrick and his expert water damage teams with 911 Restoration Central New York today for assistance!

Summer Damage Solutions

Patrick and the specialist water damage teams that he works with are committed to providing people with the information that they need to avoid the worst during winter, but also during the summer months too.

911 Restoration Central New York | Restoration Truck Parked Outside Job During WinterWith El Nino and climate change in full force this year, there is a greater chance that Central New York will be dumped upon by huge amounts of rain from severe storms systems.

“To prevent the worst that a severe rain storm can cause is as simple as making sure that gutters are cleaned and there is no debris in the downspout that will block the discharge from the roof when it rains,” Patrick explains.

Beyond this, downspouts should also be placed to drain away from the foundation and not directly onto it. Finally windows should be checked to make sure that the sealant which keeps the pane in place is undamaged and ready for heavy rain.

One of the most important maintenance tasks that people can perform on their own is to make sure that their insurance provider carries them for flood damage as well as for all other kinds of disasters too.

Don’t give winter or summer weather a chance to ruin your lovely home with an instance of water damage trouble. Contact Patrick and his water damage specialists with 911 Restoration Central New York today and let them take care of all your maintenance needs in no time!

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